Gutter the Movie
Joseph A. Elmore Jr.

GUTTER is the true-life account of a baby who was left in the gutter, and then found and raised by a drug addict. The streets literally made him.

GUTTER details the rise and fall of GUTTER. A young boy, filled with hate for the parents who left him in the gutter, his impoverished circumstances and the drug addicted mother who found him in the gutter and raised him as her own. Jewel is the only mother that Gutter has ever known. She is young, beautiful and has never seen a party or a man with money that she didn’t like. Gutter's only sanctuary in life are the streets of Houston, Tx, where he learns that there is a place where his hate can grow and be loved. Gutter first learns the hustle game, getting money by any means necessary. He then becomes a big time Drug Dealer, fighting off the mob, the police and anyone else who steps in his path with a ruthlessness that could only be rivaled by the original Scarface Al Capone himself.

After being the last man standing in his war with the mob, Gutter meets Mink, a superstar hooker in the midst of getting the life beat out of her by a vicious pimp named PLATINUM. Mink decides that Gutter should be her new pimp and proceeds to teach him the art of pimpin. While Gutter becomes the king of the streets, his mother gets clean and their relationship gets better, only to have it all taken away by the very same hate that Gutter had so desperately been trying to shake loose of his entire life. Gutter is a story about overcoming the inner obstacles of ones soul and how we all need love in order to survive.

Gutter is the first installment of a trilogy where Gutter goes from dope dealer to pimp, meets his parents and then is betrayed by the only person who has ever truly loved him.

Gutter takes to the streets like a fish to water, quickly becoming the top pimp in the city, until one night while making his rounds, Gutter runs into the mother who left him, all alone as a child, never to be heard from again. He wants answers that she refuses to give.

Paul leaves his mother and returns to the track with an anger inside of him that he has not felt in years. It is there, where he sees MINK (one of his Diamonds), arguing with a young drug dealer named SPONG.

Gutter, still reeling from his confrontation with his mother, kills Sponge, unnecessarily. Now Sponges uncle, known as “THE WORD” who is also the most dangerous drug dealer in the city wants revenge.

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